Pyra Draculea is a Vancouver Island-based multidisciplary artist, working primarily in painting and illustration these days but still getting her pixels in a bunch on Photoshop as the need arises.

Much of the work on this site relates to her long-standing industrial/experimental noise project, maQLu, being that music in recent years has required a multitude of releases and they all need cover art and promotional materials. Draculea has also being involved with several podcasts over the years, as well as doing work for her webcomic cum podcast Zamo the Destroyer.

And of course any clubs or guilds she belongs to if she accidentally lets slip that she knows how to do this stuff.

She is currently working on a couple graphic book projects that may find their way onto this portfolio soon.

For more information, see her main website at pyradraculea.com or check out her other portfolios linked in the menu.